Beaver Builder Website Tutorial

The three videos in this tutorial demonstrates how to design a website using the Beaver Builder Theme and Page Builder.

Why Beaver Builder?

With the Beaver Builder theme and the Beaver Builder page builder, you can make a professional business website without code.

Once you decide to make your website with WordPress, it is difficult to wade through all of options for themes. Choosing a theme can be an important decision, because the theme choice locks you into a website design that can be difficult to change. The Beaver Builder Theme makes the design work easy. The Beaver Builder Theme is a professional WordPress theme that is very flexible. It offers numerous options for layout of the header. Because the theme has so many options built into Customize, there is less need to write custom CSS.

There are many page builders on the market. The Beaver Builder Page Builder is a developer-friendly page builder that allows you to integrate custom fields into your design, with minimal change to the load time of your website. Page builders allow designers to create beautiful websites without code.

If you are considering setting up an agency to create websites for clients, or if you manage the website for your organization, consider purchasing the Beaver Builder Theme and Page Builder. Because it can be used on Unlimited Websites, it is the perfect product for a Web Freelancer or Web Agency.

Beaver Builder Pricing

Video 1. Installing Beaver Builder to WordPress and Set Up

Before diving into Beaver Builder, it is helpful to take a first few steps. This video starts at the point that you already have WordPress installed.

  • How to install the Beaver Builder Theme and Page Builder plugin, and install the license.
  • How to set up a home page in Customize->Home Page Settings
  • How to build a menu and create the website pages in Customize->Menu
  • How to install the logo in Customize->Header->Header Logo
  • How to install the icon/favicon in Headings -> Site Identity

Video 2. Using Customize to Design the Website

In this video we start at the top of Customize and work our way through all of the options. This includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Choosing a preset design as a starting point
  • Choosing fonts and colors
  • Designing a layout for the header
  • Adding a top bar above the header (if you would like one)
  • Changing the footer text

Video 3. Page Builder and Designing the Home Page

WLast but not least we design a home page for the website. The Beaver Builder Page Builder works similarly to Twitter Bootstrap with rows and columns. With the page builder you can:

  • Start with one of several templates and get a head start on your home page design
  • Create edge to edge rows
  • Drag in columns and adjust the column sizes
  • Choose from many modules to create a beautiful layout.

The content of this video is substantially the same as this article: WordPress Page Builders and Beaver Builder. It may be a good idea to first watch this video, and then follow the step by step instructions in the article.