Extra Credit Options for CSCI-1450 and BUS-1850

There are four extra credit options available to you. Extra credit points can be used to make up for missed quizzes and lab assignments. These can be completed any time before the end of the semester.

Option 1. Create a Sprite with Pixel Art, export it, and display it on a web page. 5 points.

Option 2. Create an account on LinkedIn and send me a Connection Request. 3 points.

Option 3. Modify one of the CodePen examples. Go to https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/15-inspiring-examples-of-css-animation-on-codepen--cms-23937 Modify one of the animations by modifying the CSS. Save it in CodePen and email me a link to your CodePen. 3 points. 

Option 4. After reading Chapter 5, go to the Hands On Exercises, 1. Web Design Evaluation. Choose one of the websites or any other website. Complete options a-h. (up to 10 points)

Option 5. In coding the JavaScript game in Module 12, there is a bonus option of installing a custom game piece image. 5 points.

Option 6. Complete extra Pacific Trails labs. At the present time, we only use the Pacific Trails labs through chapter 7. You can continue to work the remaining chapters for bonus points. The amount of points vary per chapter:

  • Chapter 8 Yurts Table - 3 points
  • Chapter 9 Reservations Form - 6 points
  • Chapter 11 Video - 3 points
  • Chapter 12 Shop - 6 points
  • Chapter 13 SEO - 1 point
  • Chapter 14 JavaScript - 6 points

Option 7. Complete one of the alternative exercises to Pacific Trails. Pacific Trails is just one of four options for the chapter Case Studies. Chapters 2-4 and 6-9 are eligible for 5 points per chapter for a total of 35 points. Students who have chosen to do this have thought it was beneficial to learning HTML and CSS, although the instructions in the book have less assistance the the Pacific Trails alternative instructions I provide to students. The choices are:

  • Path of Light
  • JamJam Coffee House
  • Fish Creek Animal Clinic

Option 8. Online Asynchronous Only. If you schedule a meeting to meet with me during regularly scheduled office hours and come to the meeting with your web camera on and share your screen with me, I will give you bonus points for the first meeting. 10 points.