Gallery of Websites

What  types of websites will you be able to make if you take Web Fundamentals (CSCI1450) or Developing Web Pages(BUS1180)?

Here are screenshots from the lab assignments we make in class.

Web Fundamentals is offered in the Computer Science Department at Saint Paul College and students learn Bootstrap as well as HTML and CSS. Developing Web Pages is offered in the Business Department at Anoka Ramsey Community College, and students learn to edit WordPress websites.

Click on images to view them in a lightbox.

Groove Guitars Lab Assignment

In CSCI1470 and BUS1180, students make the Groove Guitars website in Labs 7 and 8. On the home page of the website, they add an HTML table for business hours and an HTML form to request more information. In addition, students learn how to add a logo to HTML and create a hero image with text on it. On the About page they embed a Google Map. On the Grooves page, they embed YouTube and SoundCloud videos.

Portfolio Website

In Labs 9 and 10 students make a Portfolio website. The example shown below is a portfolio website for a mythical student named, Jane Programmer. In Lab 10, the students customize the Flappy Bird game. The Flappy Bird game is a tutorial by

Best in Show Puppies!

In CSCI1470 (Lab 11) students make the Best in Show Puppies website to learn how to use frameworks. They use Bootstrap to create columns that stack on mobile and use Font Awesome to add icons to their websites.

Animal Photography

In Lab 12 for CSCI1450, students learn how to prepare images for use on a website. They create a website for a animal photographer, featuring photos of animals in the wild. Shown are two demo versions: one with black background, and the other with a white background and shadows on the images.