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HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Beaver Builder, and WordPress

Learn the HTML and CSS mark up languages! HTML and CSS are great first coding languages. This curriculum is broken up into 14 modules and includes slide shows and videos.

Learn HTML and CSS with these flashcards and place-in-order exercises. These were created to help students of Saint Paul College study for the HTML and CSS exam.

If you are interested in designing websites, then WordPress with Beaver Builder is a low-cost solution. Learn to design websites with minimal coding with this tutorial.

Looking for some cool tools for developing websites? Check out our list. Google fonts, Font Awesome, and CSS Generators, and much more!

Susan Metoxen
Susan Metoxen, Instructor and Web Developer

About Web Dev Students

When I started teaching Web Fundamentals at Saint Paul College,  I created as a resource for students to use.

If you are just getting started with Web Development, you can see the resources I use with my students on the HTML/CSS Curriculum page.

It isn't necessary to know HTML/CSS to learn WordPress. I have my curriculum on the WordPress page.

If you want to learn to make WordPress websites with Beaver Builder, check out my Beaver Builder Tutorial. You don't need to know how to code to make websites with WordPress and Beaver Builder, although it is very helpful if you can code.

If you are looking for some fun exercises to improve your HTML and CSS, check out my Practice Exercises.

I hope you can find something helpful on this website to help you add tools to your developer toolbox!


10 Learn the coding languages that drive the Web: HTML and CSS!
9 HTML and CSS are the ideal languages to learn first. Markup languages are easier to learn than traditional programming languages.
8 HTML and CSS are the foundations of the Video Game Design Program at Saint Paul College.
7 Students will learn web design principles and explore cutting edge  tools to edit their designs in code.
6 You will be able to make a website for your family or friend's business!
5 The demand for web-based software continues to grow at a rapid rate, as does the demand for employees with these skills.
4 CSCI 1450 is required for both the Web Design (Layout/Graphic Design) and Web Development (Programming) degrees.
3 Web Design pushes students to use problem solving and creative thinking skills for practical applications.
2 Recruiters want employees with experience in Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP, jQuery and React, all of which are built on HTML and CSS.
1 Making websites is a blast!
Laptop with a shopping cart on it.

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