WordPress Image Management

Are you concerned about the cost of website hosting? This article explains how WordPress handles the images that you upload to the Media Library and how to conserve server space with WordPress images. It includes what you need to know about WordPress Image Management. Why is image size important? Image size is important for two…

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A 3-Step Process for Adding Features to WordPress

This scenario happens every day. Your client calls and wants to add a feature to their WordPress website. Here are some technology they may ask for to give you an idea of the types of features they would like added: What Do You Do? Follow this 3-Step Process for Adding Features to WordPress How can…

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WordPress Skill Levels (IMO)

I created this break out of the various WordPress skill levels for my Web Design students at Saint Paul College. These levels are my opinion and may differ from the opinions of other WordPress developers. I provide this information to my students so they can put their learning about WordPress into context of where they…

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Price Promotion Options with WooCommerce

There are many free price promotion options with WooCommerce, the plugin that is used in combination with WordPress for e-commerce. With WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin you are able to run an e-commerce website at a very low cost. WordPress and WooCommerce are both free. Without adding paid plugins to WooCommerce, you can run the…

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How to Add Additional CSS in the WordPress Customizer

tool box image showing a box shadow

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is open source and highly customizable with a knowledge of CSS and how to add it in Customize -> Additional CSS. Many of my clients know WordPress well. A few of my clients know more about WordPress than I know! Since I know how to code and…

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Planning Your E-Commerce Website

Computer screen with e-commerce on it.

What you need to know before you hire a developer When you decide that you want to make an e-commerce website, there are a lot of decisions to be made. You need to know what you want to sell and be prepared to present your products to the world. In addition, you need to make…

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SEO 1-2-3: A Simple Explanation of how SEO works

pinkish axolotl smiling in an aquarium

Thinking of search engine optimization (SEO) through the eyes of your customer will help you understand how SEO works and improve SEO on your own website. Let’s step into the shoes of your customer. For example, let’s pretend you have a pet store and you sell axolotls. Your typical customer wants to buy an axolotl.…

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Keyword Strategy Tool

Compass over a colorful map

The most difficult part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is deciding on the right keywords for your SEO copywriting. Before you begin copywriting, your first task is to find your keywords. Don’t know where to begin? We have created a Free Keyword Strategy Tool that you can use to develop your strategy. Keep reading to…

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