White Buffalo Hosting

Students of Susan Metoxen, Instructor at Saint Paul College, are eligible for website hosting from White Buffalo LLC.

Step 1: Purchase a domain. You can purchase a domain from any domain registrar. A good registrar is Hover.com, because they have low prices, a lot of TLDs to choose from, and, most importantly, free privacy services. Another good choice for domain registration is domains.google.com. You can purchase a domain from a host of domain registrars, but be sure that you receive free privacy services. When you purchase, consider the cost for renewal as well as for the initial year.

Step 2: Set the Nameservers. For White Buffalo Hosting, use these nameservers:



The nameservers tell the Internet where to find where your website is hosted. Here are the instructions to set the nameservers for a domain purchased at Hover.com: https://help.hover.com/hc/en-us/articles/217282477–Changing-your-domain-nameservers.