Writing for SEO

Quality Writing Helps Your Customers Find You on the Web

Rocket with charts showing increased traffic from SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of adapting a website to increase the number of website visitors. Search engines, like Google and Bing, are looking for quality information on a web page in order to decide where to put it in search results. Their search bots read the words on the page to decide what your webpage is about. They judge the quality of the information on the web page and decide where it should fall in the search results.

A Search for Wedding Cake Gnome in Google

For example, say your company sells wedding cakes in Nome, Alaska. Six other bakeries in the area also sell wedding cakes. When an engaged couple types, “wedding cake Nome” into the search bar, you want your company to be at the top of the list. Improving the quality of the words used in your website will move your website ahead of the other six websites that sell wedding cakes.

From SEO Tricks to Excellent Writing for SEO

When the internet was young, SEO experts used a series of tricks to ensure their clients’ websites appeared in the top of a search. Before long, search engines like Google found ways to look beyond the tricks, making the tricks less effective. The era of SEO tricks was ushered out and the new era of quality websites took its place. The new magic to land at the top of search results is to have a better website than your competitors.

Today the best approach to Search Engine Optimization is to have excellent writing and thoughtful links on your website. This is great news because you can focus on making a quality website instead of worrying about SEO tricks. The more your customers enjoy your website, the better your SEO will be and everyone wins. Including great writing for SEO will take your website to the next level in search results.

Find Your Key Phrases

Quality writing for SEO must include choosing the right key phrase, page by page. Optimizing for the right key phrase starts with identifying the phrase your customer will type in the search bar when they are looking for you. A good key phrase is pivotal for your website to land at the top of search results. On your home page, your brand name should usually be the key phrase. But beyond the home page it can be more challenging to determine the words potential customers will use. We can help identify the right key phrase for each page of your website.

WordPress Tool for SEO Writing: Yoast

The most commonly used plugin for SEO in WordPress websites is Yoast: “SEO for Everyone.” Yoast offers a robust free WordPress plugin as well as a $79/year subscription option which allows you to include multiple key phrases and other premium features. As you write your website content, Yoast provides feedback on:

  • Writing the website title and description, which will appear in the search results
  • Re-writing the website content to optimize it for the key phrase for each page
  • Overall readability of the website
  • Preparing the website to share on social media so that your shares appear professional

Let White Buffalo Websites help you move your website up in search results! If you are interested in improving the SEO of your website, we can help you with our SEO Writing Service or train you on how to do your own SEO writing. It truly is SEO for everyone!